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GW Antarctica Cover

(Photograph by Angela Wylie) ‘Antarctica unseen by humanity even 200 years ago, divines our future and archives our past. It matters to people as never before … The ice core I helped bore and bag, catalogued with my initials, will soon be translated into data, turned into graphs, and plugged into climate models. It will have a bit part somewhere in the most important dialogue of our time, the debate on how our planet is changing and what might be done about it.’ – Ice Diaries, Good Weekend (8/3/08)

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We have become a force of nature, shifting the delicate settings of the Earth system, and with it the dynamics of biology and weather. We are exercising the same influence over the Earth as the cataclysmic game-changers of deep history – volcanic eruption, leaking methane, solar storms, shifts in the orbit or axis of our planet. We are laying down a similarly defining signature, such that Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen declared we had entered a new geological age, transitioning to the Anthropocene.’ – From Feeling The Heat, Melbourne University Press, 2011.